Sophistication - A bliss?

By Prem Singh on Sep 10, 2018

Utmost sophistication has been friend of the human race since the day we were born. From the first day of human era till now we have achieved hell a lot more deep knowledge in every subject, say it be related to agriculture, science, automobiles, communication or any other thing that we use in our daily lives. In the earlier days it was possible for a single human to gain knowledge about everything that was available at that point of time as there was very limited knowledge about subjects. As the human era progressed there was zeal to create more and get advanced in the subjects.

Early humans invented Wheel. And from the wheel later on we advanced to very first motor less driving vehicles. Later on we invented engines. Then came the very first motor cars. And now today we see very good efficient, speedy cars with top-notch advanced technology. That's an example of how sophistication helped us to advance more into the wheel field. Sophistication is meant to improve the learning curve in fact creating the learning curve. Due to sophistication wheel invention led to hi-tech automobiles that we see today. Sophistication helped us to create more work opportunities for the growing population. Even in a single subject these days there are lot of different segments which brings enormous work opportunities. There are enormous examples like this. Now these days it's not possible for one person to gain expertise even in a single field or subject as there has a lot been done. But the right sophistication has proved to be a bliss which has brought us a lot better things and also providing more jobs in each field based on expertise.

But what if the sophistication is implemented incorrectly. This could lead to a disaster ending up in blowing the entire system. There are so many scenarios in which it is being implemented wrongly and there is no coming back. Examples of this could be any system like political, educational, big factories or the big brand companies. One cannot bring sophistication into everything. There has to be demand for that. These days people learn lot of new different things and try to fit all of those into the system just because those different things are new and latest. This doesn't make sense. For example these days the agile methodology is very famous and lot of companies are adopting it. Agile is really wonderful methodology if used in the right way could benefit the company a lot. But there are situations where agile is not the right fit and it just adds an unnecessary extra layer of incorrect sophistication. This leads to wastage of resources, money and time. The improper implementation of sophistication should be avoided.

Sophistication is a bliss if implemented and handled in a proper and the right way. All of the things doesn't demand sophistication. Some demands simplicity and would be way much better if handled with simplicity just like the human relations. Nobody likes sophistication in the relations. It just brings unnecessary rage, anger and unavoidable fights. Human relations has to be handled with love and not with any kind of improper sophistication.

Let's hope one day everyone would understand about the right implementation of sophistication and the people in the systems would act carefully. Our political, educational and other systems would take this into account and will make this world a better place for the people part of it now and for the coming generations.

©Theory of Practicality, 2018