Ridiculous IT companies' trend

By Prem Singh on Jun 02, 2018

These days the working culture in the IT companies is so much pitiable that it makes professionalism feel shame and cry.

Even being in a free country, employees on the lower levels are treated like slaves. It seems like we are moving towards that old slavery culture of the times before freedom.

Why I've said some harsh words is because of the scenarios which happen very commonly and most of us might have experienced these already. The employees on the senior and upper management levels (upper levels) are responsible for bringing in this master-slave culture. These upper levels instead of assigning work to the lower levels, push and force the work towards them. Upper levels demand completion of work in the time limit that they've discussed with management without even considering lower levels' opinion. Each and every level is interconnected and in order to achieve team goals, all of the levels should communicate wisely and should be given priority as per their expertise. Sometimes it is really stupid to see how the upper levels arrive on the delivery date of work without even considering some of the utmost factors. The factors like what is the capability of the team, which individual has how much potential, what are the skill-sets required and to add some extra buffer time in case something happens unfortunately. The upper levels most of the times neglect these important factors and sometimes not even getting an opinion on work estimation from the lower levels who are actually going to work on that. This is all lack of common sense and the estimation abilities.

So as the estimation was not done properly by considering all of the important factors, the team would most probably fall short on the due date. Now in order to meet the due date the only option upper levels are left with is to push the employees to finish the work as quickly as they can. The employees are forced to work more than their normal working shift hours. They are ordered to come on weekends and to make it more shameful sometimes employees are even threatened with bad ratings during their appraisals. These days it has become a trend especially in Indian IT companies to work late hours and work on weekends. As per this trend it represents the dedication of the employee towards the project, his interest and passion. This trend is all just bullshit. In order to avoid the blame on the estimation abilities of the upper levels, the upper levels come up with this nonsense strategy.

It is very common to see people failing to maintain their work-life balance. This all upsets their personal life badly. Here you see, how a simple mistake by the upper levels leads to a disaster sometimes even ending up ruining someone's personal life. Why should the lower levels bear the faulty estimation abilities of the upper levels? Employees cannot be forced to work more than the normal shift. It is against ethics and the company's moral values. Instead pushing employees for this kind of culture, the upper levels should be warned and blamed for their incapability. Top-management should step in here and take strict actions against those who are responsible for such incidents. If it is really required sometimes for the upper levels to get more hours from the employees than their normal working shift then the employees should be paid as per the extra hours. It is a simple labour rule. Nobody is a slave here. We live in a free country. Nobody is free enough or a slave for the upper levels to work as per their desire or intention. Instead of pulling out all this nonsense, upper levels should get to the basics. They should improve their estimation abilities.

These kind of incidents put dent in the pillar of professionalism. It is really very serious disease these days and should be put to an end. There should not be a culture with these kind of push strategies. Instead everybody in the company should value everyone else's opinion, their time and skills. Planning and estimation of work is a very important phase of product cycle and it should be handled carefully and responsibly. With power comes the greater responsibility. The upper levels can share their life time experiences with the lower levels which would help them to grow, to learn more and also to achieve good places in their careers. We all are in the company to complete work and in order to do so, everybody should act wisely, use their role responsibly and use their skills with such accuracy that no extra burden could come on the lower levels than their normal working hours routine.

©Theory of Practicality, 2018