Never judge too soon - A travel experience

By Prem Singh on May 13, 2018

I was on my second trip in Kerala when I had this mind-changing experience. An experience that taught me an everlasting lesson of life.

When I first landed in the country of God, I was very attracted by the beautiful surroundings, clean roads, fresh air and abundance of greenery no matter which area I stepped in. I was feeling very lucky to be there. However, I found people were difficult and very rude with their behaviour. This led to a bad image about them in my head. So after my first trip I was fascinated by the nature but not so much by the people.

Nevertheless, everything changed when I went on my second trip. This time, people were much friendlier, well behaved and even travelled with me to make sure that I reached to the correct location without any discomfort. I was confused and wondering on the thought I had on my first trip.

A beautiful moment happened when I went further to Munnar. After having a good breakfast, I was roaming in the tea gardens on a hill. While on the way up, I saw few children playing badminton by side of a neat hut. I just could not wait to join them. So I jumped in and played badminton with those children. After few minutes, two ladies came out, one was their mother and the other one their grandmother. We smiled and I bowed my head in respect. When, I was about to leave to continue my journey to the hilltop, I was not aware which way to go, so I asked the ladies to send their children to lead me. They agreed and there we were, a gang having funny talks heading towards the hilltop of a tea garden.

After sometime, one of the kids came running from the hut and shouted at us: "what are you going to have for breakfast?". I told her it was fine, but after a few minutes, I saw something that almost brought tears to my eyes. The little girl was holding food containers with another child. She shouted at us to come and eat. Seeing this, I ran towards her speechless, took the containers from her hands and said: "let's go to your home!"

I still remember my first steps to that hut and the look on the faces of the ladies, showing so much love and respect that can't be expressed in words. We sat on the chairs and they brought us fresh cooked hot dosa, sambar, coconut chuttney and ripe mangoes. We talked about what I do and their culture and history to that hut on the hill. They are one of the happiest people.

In this world full of selfishness, where nobody gives a damn, those ladies on the hill hut made breakfast for a stranger, let him into their home and did every possible thing to make him feel comfortable and happy. That was one of the most awesome moments of my life. May God bless them.

Wherever you go, you will find good and bad people. This depends upon your timing. You can not judge a state or a city based on a few moments. In fact the same applies to a company, a community, a religion, or a country. In short, to everything.

Nothing is bad in this beautiful creation of God, it is just our few negative experiences. No country, state, company, etc is bad, because it is in people's hands to make everything beautiful.

©Theory of Practicality, 2018