I ain't

By Anonymous on May 19, 2018

I am overflowing with feelings
Staring at the ceiling
Fought with everyone
Hardly except anyone.

All those who were important
In my life,
Are deleted from my mind
Insignificant junk-like.

These things are like a jigsaw puzzle
Try to solve,
Will become a battle.

Stress, pressure, career and studies,
Life, family, boyfriend and buddies
Revolve and rotate within me
Giving a reason to sit sadly.

I hear boring songs,
Being alone makes me sick.
People all around hate me.
I feel this.
Every time when life becomes
Even more stiff.
I feel like jumping down from a cliff.

I was creative,
I was innovative,
I was good and
I was positive.

I do not know when I discovered
Myself the last.
I have lost myself somewhere in the past.

I do not want anyone.
I do not need anyone.
No one to blame.
No one to claim.

I am responsible for all
I ain't.

©Theory of Practicality, 2018