Human on the verge of extinction

By Prem Singh on May 01, 2018

In this generation, money seems the only prime reason of our living. Yes, it could be understood that it is required for one's survival. But getting mad, losing our head isn't very wise. Do we take a moment sometime to think about death, when we are just going to bid goodbye to everything? At that moment, would we be carrying forward our wealth? No, we just would be known for our personality and nobody would even care to give a shit about how much wealth one acquired.

Life is exactly like a hotel, where we are checked-in the day we are born to this amazing reality, given this life - most wonderful and priceless gift ever and no one knows when would be checked-out from here. We are here just for a while, and in this span one should consider living with moral values along with money.

How beautiful this life could be if all behaved well like good human beings with everyone else, that respect with the pure heart, that honesty. Good manners, respect, truth, honesty seem lost in this generation. If we could abide by these basic principles, most of inside-outside issues inside companies, countries, between people and communities, everywhere could be solved just like that. And think then how much civilized, well sorted and awesome this life would look like.

Today, there is no doubt that we've progressed a ton in materialistic things, but we have come way below if we talk about moral values. Where have we lost our moral values. Why have we become so selfish, self-involved, disrespectful and short in love that we don't even care for others or have no time to listen to them, their worries, their problems. There is enough on this planet for everyone, so why this fight? Why living with such a narrow view and creating issues that make no sense or would do no good. We need to open up the window and look outside at what others are into and what is happening around.

If we continue to go down and down, the day is not very far when we would be so near to the unimaginable, unthinkable i.e. the extinction of human era. And the reason won't be the arrival of aliens or attack by other unrealisitic creatures. Rather, it would be the human itself. The top most enemy of human species is HUMAN. We've created lot of good, beneficial things and also horrible things like bombs which could destroy the whole planet in just a blink of an eye.

Leaders need to take this very seriously. They need to be fearful and take a moment to think about where we are heading with all this. It isn't about money all the time. There are certain moral values which are required for human survival on this planet. Everyone should take care of these, otherwise, at some point of time, we (humans) will be done forever.

©Theory of Practicality, 2018